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Interested In a Sturdy Pizza Peel and NO MORE BURNT HANDS?



I have been using the Pizza Peeler and Rocker Cutter for many years and wanted to share with other people interested in making pizza and don't want to burn their hands any longer.

Cooking should be a fun experience and Chef Limited brings you the best tools to simplify and enhance your kitchen experience.


Welcome to the future of making pizza! This is a premium pizza peel paddleboard to help you shift your dough. Our pizza peel is made from tough, lightweight aluminum which will not only last for years but offers great control and quality in the kitchen.


The ergonomic handle provides comfort as you move your pizza from counter to oven to table, while the perfectly sized spatula holds pizzas from small to large. The handle is long, so you won't come into contact with any direct heat or burn your hands, and every pizza paddle includes a stainless-steel cutting rocker that is perfect for dividing up all the cheesy goodness into even slices. Whether you're in your home kitchen or commercial kitchen, Chef Limited makes cooking your pies easier.